Separation Services

Film Output Services
We output films from your print ready files for a very competitive price. Art needs to have the spot colors specified either as layers or spot color channels if you are providing ” .psd ” or ” .tif ” files. For Adobe Illustrator files all colors need to be specified in color swatches palette as spot colors. Please discard all unused swatches before sending files. If you have questions about preparing these files please give us a call and we will explain what we need.

Spot Color Separations
Spot color separations are the most common and simplest of the separations we provide. The art work is sized to final output sizes as specified by customer, then all spot color plates are created by us according to your requests. An under base is created if the design will be printed on dark garments . Films are the output the frequency you need. These types of separation can contain simple halftone fades and are printed with butt registration onto our water resistant film. Maximum size image is 17×22 including registration and other printer’s marks .

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