File Prep

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Formats We Accept
– Layered  Illustrator
– Layered  Photoshop ( 300dpi)
– Layered TIF  (300dpi)

All ink colors should be saved to either their own layer or spot color channel within the document.

We can provide separation services needed to generate the color plates but additional charges may be incurred at $50/hour.


Vector Files
As long as the file was created in Illustrator with spot colors,there is just a bit of time required to do the trapping and seps do separations.Please call about colors that under or overprint other colors. Please be sure to convert all fonts to outlines or curves.

Raster Files
Each color needs to be on a separate layer. this means if you have 3 colors there will only be 3 layers. Each color on it’s own layer with normal opacity mode .You can also use the spot channel feature in photoshop. Please trap from light ink to dark inks 4-6 pixels.Please create your design at 300 dpi or higher, this is very important, anything lower than 300 dpi seriously compromises the resolution (crispness).

Submitting Your Art for Print-Ready Approval
When emailing us a file please be sure you include all of your contact information so we can get back to you quickly if there are any problems.

Click here to see our Screen Printed Poster Gallery…..

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