STS9 Spring Run at The Boulder Theatre

Sound Tribe Sector 9 is playing The Boulder Theater March 13th thru the 17th and we got to print the posters. Conscious Alliance once again asked to be the luck printers of this gig. There was a different poster for each night.  We printed 100 of each poster and they were 2-3 color screen prints that measure 13 x 19 inches. Artwork by Joy Engine. One piece of the 5-panel set was released each night of the run. Pretty fun stuff!




New Years Eve with SCI in San Francisco!!!!

I got a call from Ray asking if I would be interested in driving out to Cali to see String Cheese Incident, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Bassnectar, Zap Mama and more at The Concourse Exhibition Center on December 30th and 31st, 2006.  Yes please. Where do I sign up?????  Not just that… but we had the coolest poster EVER to take out with us!!! We worked with Conscious Alliance and Martina Hoffman and Robert Venosa in creating our very first “Incident” specific lenticular poster.  I am happy to say that it completely sold out at the show. If you would like to stream the New Years Eve show, you can listen to it here….. If you would like to purchase the poster you can do so with Conscious Alliance here….


Artwork – Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann

Event – String Cheese Incident / Sea of Dreams New Years Shows 06-07

Details – 10.25 x 18 inches    3D lenticular poster, 12 Layers interlaced , printed on a 75 lpi lens

Holiday Toy Drive 2006


Once again we got to print the poster for this years toy drive. These posters are extra special. Ray took the time to add clear glitter to all of them. The show was on December 21, 2006. The run was 350 posters and the artist Scramble Campbell. This show was great. It was at the beloved Boulder Theatre. The band played to an ecstatic sold out crowd. There was a crazy blizzard that came through Colorado on the day of the show which kept a lot of people grounded and unable to make it. Highlights for me? Riding the rail for the first set, Emma’s Dream, and a super beautiful Windy Mountain. If you would like to stream the show to hear for yourself what a great night it was, click here. Thank you String Cheese!!!!!

Lenticular Art Prints

We have decided to branch out and see what we can create using a new printing technique called “Lenticular” printing. This is very exciting for us. We are blessed to have  artists as friends so we can tweak out and play with their art and see what happens when you digitally enhance it with depth and animation.  These are a few of our first attempts (of course seeing it in oerson is way cooler than the animated gif on your computer.)


Baphomet by Luke Brown 3-D Art Print

Large Format 3D lenticular art print, 29 Layers interlaced, using a 20 lpi 3d lens
for maximum depth. Also done as a poster in a 75 lpi lens


Mike DuBois ” Acid Test 40 Mandala”

3-D print Large Format Art Print.

Also done as a poster on a 75 lpi lens

monsterScramble Campbell’s “Checkerboard”

3-D print Large Format Art Print

stonedScramble Campbell

“Everybody Must Get Stoned”

3-D print Large Format Art Print


Mike DuBois ” Enlightenment”

3-D print Large Format Art Print.

Also done as a poster and a postcard on a 75 lpi lens


Phil Cheney’ s Butterfly Shiny Sky Sea

Large Format 3D lenticular art print. 8 Layers interlaced, using a 40 lpi 3d lens.

marsScramble Campbell’s

“Closer to Mars”   The String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Holiday Toy Drive Poster


We are very fortunate to get to print posters for bands that we love so much. We recently printed a poster for Conscious Alliance for a String Cheese Incident Benefit show at The Boulder Theatre on December 22, 2005. The artist is Scramble Campbell and it was printed on an 80 lb black vellum paper with silver metallic  ink. The dimensions are 16 x 20 inches and the run was 500. You could purchase these posters at the event for $25 or a donation of 10 canned goods to Conscious Alliance. This poster is way cool.