Large Format

Large Format Lenticular Printing

We produce a variety of art prints and signs in larger sizes.Using state of the art software we are able to take your file and convert them into eye popping art prints and signs.

The art is prepped for the process by separating images in to layers and applying either 3-D, motion, animation or Flip effects. Depending on the project ,several of these effects can be combined in one piece.

The interlaced print is printed on a premium glossy photo paper. After the print cures it is laminated to the back of a rigid piece of specially made lens with an optically clear adhesive. The print is then trimmed and ready to go !!

These make attention grabbing POP and Trade Show signs. They are designed for mainly for indoor use, but limit outdoor exposure can be acceptable.For outdoor sign we use a different more durable lens material and then mount it to a support piece and seal the edges all around.

The cost of these prints is $30 per Sq. Ft. depending of the lens used. A one time set up fee is charged for the file prep and interlacing of the image . This time is billed @ $50 per hour. Setup time varies depending on the source files and the effect being applied. Feel free to call us at
303-668-4253 for more info.

Click here for guidelines on lenticular file prep…..

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