Imogen Heap at The Boulder Theatre 2009


Imogen Heap

At the Boulder Theatre for Etown. Etown is a locally recorded weekly broadcast that is distributed to hundreds of public radio stations across the country. The live recording goes about two hours, but the broadcast is stripped down to just one, so the studio audience gets to see all the left out stuff.

1 color poster on 100% recycled paper

Artwork by Justin Fuller

16 x 20 inches

run of 100 posters

The Exciting Adventures of Sparkle Pony


Hi there and welcome to my Good Thoughts blog! I am Mara Lee, Ray’s one and only assistant. This is my area on the website to share the experiences that I have as the world’s best assistant. Here at Good Thoughts we try to get through every poster job as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Unfortunately, we are constantly thwarted by Murphy’s Law. This can make for quite the story. I hope that you continue to pop in and see what we have been up to.

Today is November 5th, 2009. Things have slowed down in the printing department which gives us a chance to update the look and feel of the Good Thoughts website. We have a “Not All Who Yonder Are Lost” sticker going to the press next and are lining up our New Years and Winter Tour posters for the upcoming season. Thanks so much for looking!! I will update you soon! Be happy!!!!