Arlo Guthrie

arlo600hi Arlo Guthrie Lenticular

We recently printed a lenticular poster for Arlo Guthrie’s upcoming album, “Tales of ’69.”  These were printed on 100 lpi lens. There was extra space on the lenticular lens so we made a smaller version of this poster and gifted the Arlo guys a CD insert.

If you don’t know what it means it’s ok, it’s groovy.

12 in. x 12in.

Run of 250 posters.

Rockygrass 2009

ROCKYGRASS This years lineup was super great. From Peter Rowan to Sam Bush, all bluegrass fans in attendance of the festival were sure to be treated to a fabulous weekend.

Ray was one of the lucky folks that attended this festival and he came away from this weekend a happy and satisfied man.

Planet Bluegrass in Lyons, Colorado

Artwork by Mike Dubois

3 color screen print on felt cream paper

15 x 22.5 inches